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Featured Artist - NAWLEGE 405


Today we'll be featuring NAWLEGE 405 (born De'Scaun Parker)

NAWLEGE used our Kendrick type beat('You and I') for his dope track 'Go Live'

We fell in love so we decided to feature it on our blog

Listen below


NAWLEGE, Where Are You From?

From OKC currently living in Dallas

For how long have you been making music, and what made you do it in the first place?

I've made music officially since I was 15 (recording) as a part of the critically accliaimed duo 832.

But I started free styling when I was 5. It came naturally to Me.

Would beat box trying to Learn sound, memorize cadences from all songs on the radio lol

Who are the artists who influenced you the most?

Hmmmm good question...

Bone Thugs / WU Tang especially Ghostface / Busta / Redman / Common and Scarface

If you could collab with any producer, in the past or today, who would it be and why?

Would of been Dilla r.i.p. cause everything he made was soul gold, he top notch.

Since he unfortunately not with us I'd like to work with Madlib, Elp, Paper Tiger

Tell us a bit about your music, what does it sound like? What do you talk about?

My music is real life from the soul music

I'm a story teller down to the nearest detail of my music

stems from analytical thinking either directly or indirectly

parts of my observation of my life/what I see

What are the main difficulties you deal with as an independent artist?

Hardest part of being an independent artist is lack of funds honestly. Gotta get my funds up

Do you have any upcoming releases? Tell us about them

Currently working on a mixtape called 'Soul Eclipse' about the state of music, culture and conditioning of the black community.

I hope to release this summer.

Where can your fans find your past and current releases? 832 last album 'The Rapture'

'Demon' (Official Video)

Give a shoutout to your fans

I have a show in Las Vegas on June 23rd,

If interested, click on the link below and send me your name

Also I'm sending a shout to my management team Celebrity Management

NAWLEGE 405, Thank you for your time , We wish you nothing but success


Paper Tiger

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